Welcome to Cafe Kesses Hus in Klitmøller. We serve delicious crepes and galettes, inspired by the French with a local touch. We can make gluten free galettes and its possible to have vegan galettes too.  

Madpandekager galettes


- Vegan vegggies, additional goat cheese, parsley pesto

- Goatcheese with tomatoes and parsley pesto

- Smoked dark saithe with pea puré, fennikel and pickled onion  

- Burrata, basilpesto, tomatoes

- Shrimps, herbal cream, onions, lemon

- Smoked deer, beetroot, pickled onion, tarragon cream 

- Ham and cheese

- Egg, cheese, mustard and ham

Prices 90 kr. / 123 kr.


Søde pandekager crepes pancakes klitmøller food cafe restaurant


- Sugar and homemade strawberry jam

- Vanilla ice-cream, sugar and homemade strawberry jam

- Vanilla ice-cream and homemade rhubarb jam

- Mashed apples and cinnamon sugar

- orange alcohol, sugar, lemon, and homemade caramel sauce

- Vanilla ice-cream and Nutella

- Banana and Nutella

- Banana, ice-cream and Nutella

- Vanilla ice-cream, fresh fruit salad and homemade caramel

- Walnuts, Kahlua, ice-cream and homemade caramel sauce

- Peanut butter, Nutella, popped rice and vanilla ice-cream 

Prices from 40 kr. to 75 kr.



- Bio juice and sodas from Adelhardt

- Bio the and coffee

- Bio Cider from Decideret

- Bio wines, red, white and rosé

- Bio beers from Thisted Bryghus and special beers fra Fur Bryghus